The art of living: Ángel Fernández Alba

Living is an art: an ethic and an aesthetic. It is to cultivate the senses and the inner sense. It is to learn to speak and to be silent: aknowledge and a practice. It is to be cordial and to regulate the movement of the heart, to become tempered by an austerity of feeling. It is the asceticism of thinking and the difficulty of resetting time at zero, a beginning and an end. It is resetting the internal gyroscope toward epistemology and metempsychosis: where pedagogy and humility meet, and all humans must find themselves before dissolution into humus. Life is the affirmation of the élan vital amidst unforeseeable and fragile conditions, an aleatory movement up the incline of time toa region of turbulence. It is to make the familiar strange, and the strange familiar. Entropy descends, living goes back upstream; the former toward probability, the latter toward the improbable — turning instability into metastabilty.

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